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Xplode is a plug-in for Cinema4D. Its main function is to break geometry in several pieces.

Based on Voronoi diagram, it use the Thinking Particles module to place the center of the future pieces and to define the cuts that have to be made.

Using it with new mograph dynamics will allow you to reach a new step in your explosion/destruction animations.

Developed to allow thousands of cut in only a few seconds, it will allow you to cut any kind of geometry at the speed of light.

It is compatible with Cinema4D R12, R13, R14, R15 and R16. Only if you own the STUDIO package

You'll find informations in the buy page about what will come next (updates) to push this plugin to the next level.

This tool is sold at only 12 euro witch is intended to help me finance the next developments.

Available in English and French.

You'll find on the tutorial page several ways to use the plugin and the options to place the particles.

Watch the reel
Xplode is based on Voro++